Widening the connection boundaries allows financial intitutions to provide secure connections with their corporate customers more securely and efficiently.

Empower your corporate connectivity with XaaS solution, BHCorplink.



BHCorpLink is a white-label connectivity service that provides a direct connection channel with your corporate customers without additional infrastructure and monitoring investment.
Highly secure
BHCorpLink is a highly secure connection service, certified and compliant with industry standards.
Multi-protocol functionalities
Connections are established between BHCorpLink and your corporate customers in their supported protocols, such as web services, API, and MQ.
Multi-format processing
An easy-to-manage solution to send information in any format, either standard or proprietary.
Facilitates the onboarding process since it standardizes the internal operations of your clients. Don't worry about making transformations.
Value-added services
Enjoy value-added services like transformation, customer support, duplicate checking, and compliance.
Flexible services
Tailor-made scheme that allows you to implement the services you require.




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Centralize your customer´s connections under one umbrella.

Reduces technical and operational demands from your internal teams.

Standardizes your internal processes for additional security and efficiency.

Build on a strong legacy of innovation for the maintenance and monitoring of your connection with customers.

Expand your connection options to reach your most important customers.

Superfast, secure and reliable to save on infrastructure, firewall, and support costs.

Work on the strategy to power unity and diversity to propel innovation .

Provide flexibility and a high level of services for your corporate customers.

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