Open the corporate-banking connectivity with ECS´s centralized global banking network.

Banking Connectivity with global reach

BHNet, ECS´s banking connectivity network, following the Multibank as a Service approach, enables your company direct, secure, and efficient access to your banking partners. We offer multiple services over one single channel while supporting the deployment of new ones to help you connect to the world.  



Integrated, Comprehensive treasury suite 

Simplify the connectivity while managing application development time and costs.
Multibank as a Service
A single efficient and secure channel for exchanging information between your company and banking partners
Centralized Bank Hub
Boost the reliability of your banking network with our already-established connection network.
Supports connection protocol or message format used by your banking partner. 
Eliminates the use of multiples portals and tokens
Standardize formats and processes within ERP to save time, cost, and efforts.
BHNet connects to you with the protocol and security standards required by your company, we manage coexistence with the requirements of the different banks so you don´t have to.
An intuitive user interface enables you to match the protocol and security standards required by your company and different banks 
Value-added services
Control of duplicates, encryption and decryption of files to guarantee the quality of the data.
BHNet generates a notification of the receipt of the file (ACK) and non-delivery to the bank (NACK), guaranteeing the integrity of the flow, alerting the current status, and allowing the client to take the appropriate actions in real time.
Real-time information
Integrate with the bank's legacy technology to increase control, efficiency, and transparency.



​ BHNet is a part of our Instant Treasury suite solutions for all your treasury needs.

Minimize the banking connections risks.

Leverage existing security infrastructure to avoid infrastructure and cost-related risks in your banking connectivity.

Efficient costs.

More-accurate information to manage your cash in real time.

One single point of connection between your company and our network.

No changes required on your ERP or internal applications.

Sophisticated channels to pick and choose your banking partners as well as migrate to new ones whenever needed.

Eliminate dependency from your internal teams in establishing multiple connections with one centralized connection.

Standardize processes regardless of your banks' requirements for security and efficiency.

Hybrid Connection

Always on, always up
BHNet + SWIFT Service Bureau= BHNet’s hybrid connection

Eliminate error-prone, manual tasks while reducing risk throughout financial close with

BHNet´s hybrid approach, which enables the use of our robust BHNet network combined with our SWIFT Service Bureau infrastructure. 

High availability and a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%
BHNet Hybrid supports SWIFT, API, and direct connections.

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