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The main challenge in the relationship between banks and companies is to reduce the friction of the secure flow of information in real-time. Using portals generates inefficiencies due to manual processes and insecurity and mainly affects the real-time flow of information companies require to monitor their cash flow. Additionally, establishing direct connections (host to host, API, etc.) presents a significant challenge for the technical teams of both companies and banks, substantially delaying onboarding. At ECS, we understood the importance of simplifying processes and removing these barriers not only in connectivity but also in the flow of payment, from the generation by the corporate to the processing carried out by the bank and its settlement. Eliminating these friction points for instant cash and facilitating information flows within the cash ecosystem makes a difference in business decision-making and the provision of services by financial institutions.
Companies require a constant flow of information that facilitates financial decision-making; therefore, they must have the infrastructure, knowledge and solutions that allow them to take advantage of the information provided by their financial institutions. This requires dynamic flows, regardless of the different systems and availability of the technological teams within the banks.

The challenge, and this flow, frame the cash ecosystem, which affects the heart of the business, however, it is not considered within the functionalities of the central applications, requiring a great effort from technical teams. For this reason, providing these services which support real time cash management has been identified as the great challenge to be solved by ECS.

Corporates need solutions and services that isolate and protect their ERPs and internal applications, standardizing their processes regardless of the offer of channels and formats provided by banks. These solutions should be of rapid implementation and low demand of your technical teams, allowing them to focus on the support of their core applications. They require a single gateway to a comprehensive network of financial institutions that support their operations, without the dependence on the infrastructure, monitoring and updating of this “integration” with their financial allies.

At the same time, financial institutions, and their cash departments, seek to offer these services with easy onboarding, without requiring long implementation processes with each client, nor modifying the formats handled by their applications, and mainly, with no dependency on their technical teams, already facing a substantial demand from the bank’s internal systems.

“At ECS Fin we have constantly focused on disrupting traditional solutions, it’s part of our DNA. Our ecosystems are the materialization of our vision to evolvecash services”

Gustavo Gómez Rujeles, Global Director Cash Solutions, ECS Fin

At ECS, we understood these challenges, focusing on offering more than a simple application, achieving a complete service, supported by a set of solutions, combined with an experience team and a network of connections, all which has evolved into a strategy with three main components, under the umbrella of the new generation BH Solutions:


Thanks to the learning accumulated as providers of financial solutions and leveraged on the experience as SWIFT Service Bureau, we decided to launch our BHNet network, providing our corporate customers with a single point of connection with access to a growing network which includes more than 100+ financial institutions, in the region, North America and Europe. BHNet expands its reach, with BHNet Hybrid incorporating access to SWIFT’s global network within the same central communication point.


BH Treasury modularly covers the operational requirements for instant treasury, with regional/global service centers. Its BHOneBank engine allows direct integration between the internal applications of the company (ERP and others) and ECS´s connectivity network, without requiring developments or large investments, in turn enabling the standardization of internal processes. The information that flows through BH OneBank, is leveraged by the transactional treasury modules; BHPayments, with payment approval, balance validation and payment settlement cycle; BHCash, with consolidated cash position and projection; BHRecon, with real-time transaction reconciliation; and BHReports for executive monitoring of your treasury operation. Under a multi-entity approach, enabling the flexible implementation of Shared Service Centers.


BHCorpLink, anything as a Service connectivity service, isolates the bank’s applications from the requirements in formats, protocols and security requirements from its corporate clients, through a single and centralized connection between BHCorpLink and the bank’s applications. On-boarding is performed by ECS under a white label scheme, including connectivity, validation, transformation and monitoring of messages generated or required by its corporate customers.
BH Cash-as-a-Service., white label open banking B2B service, allows financial institutions to offer their customers real time cash management, consolidating the position of their financial partners in a unified solution, beyond traditional cash solutions.

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